Professional winter maintenance services.

Winter weather can be a problem for businesses and properties across the UK, particularly in terms of access and grounds maintenance. That’s why, here at Green Scenery, we provide professional, reliable winter maintenance services.

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What do our winter maintenance services include?

We tailor our winter maintenance services to meet your individual requirements and ensure that your grounds are prepared for winter weather conditions. The services we provide include:

snow clearance in winter time

Snow clearance and gritting services

We clear snow and ice to ensure that access to your property is available all year round, in any weather conditions, and we also offer overnight gritting too. With this service, you can ensure that footpaths, pavements and emergency exits are cleared, and kept clear throughout the winter months, reducing risks of injury and keeping your business busy. 

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Forecast monitoring

We keep an eye on the weather so that you don’t have to! Here at Green Scenery, we use MET office forecasting, to monitor the current and expected weather conditions and temperature. This allows us to make sure that your property, pathways and roads are prepared and gritted when the temperature drops to your set trigger temperature between 0°c and 2°c.

grit bin

Grit bins

We can supply grit bins and refill grit salt whenever you need it. This means that you can have an adequate supply of grit salt as and when you need it throughout the colder months.

Salt on sidewalk

24/7 teams for emergency assistance

If you need snow clearance or private gritting immediately, or you need emergency assistance, we are the team for you here at Green Scenery. We offer a rapid response time and have the specialist equipment and machinery to help you most, whenever you need us! 

Professional snow clearing services across all sectors.

Here at Green Scenery you can count on our professional snow clearing services for properties and grounds across all sectors. This includes hospitals, car parks, care homes, industrial sites, company offices, hotels, property developments, public sector organisations, shopping centres and many more. We use both manual and mechanical snow clearing tools depending on the task and the setting so that we can clear anything from the narrowest footpath to outdoor stairs, and large open car parks. Why not get in touch to find out more?

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Professional gritting services you can rely on.

We offer proactive gritting services that can ensure that your grounds are prepared for snow and ice conditions, before this occurs. With our forecast monitoring we can be sure to apply grit as soon as the temperature reaches your set trigger temperature between 0°c and 2°c. By applying salt to roads, footpaths and pavements around your building, before frost, ice, or snowfall, the snow will be unable to bond with the surface and any potential issues can be prevented. Here at Green Scenery we have an outstanding reputation for customer service and you can be sure to rely on our team to help protect your grounds throughout the winter months. Why not get in touch to find out more?

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Professional winter maintenance you can trust.

Here at Green Scenery we have the expertise and equipment to provide practical and effective winter maintenance for grounds of all sizes across all industries. We will work with you each step of the way to create a proactive plan for winter weather conditions and establish the best course of action to keep your business running, or your property accessible, all year round. This includes snow clearing and gritting services that you can rely on, as well as emergency assistance. For more information or advice, get in touch today.

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