Professional Wildflower Turf or Meadowscape Pro™ installation

Here at Green Scenery we are accredited installers of Wildflower Turf and Meadowscape Pro™ and we can help your new wildflower meadow bloom and thrive.

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What is Wildflower Turf?

As Preston’s leading gardening and grounds maintenance experts, we are accredited installers for Wildflower Turf. This is a type of turf system that is soil free and is made up of hardy and versatile wildflowers that are able to thrive in a wide range of soil types. As this turf is nursery grown, the wildflower plants are able to retain 100% of the root system within the wildflower mat for maximum growing potential.

Here at Green Scenery we can install Wildflower Turf for home gardens, hotel gardens, business and retail areas, schools and even for business roofing, where this can provide an instant wildflower area. Why not get in touch to find out more?

What is Meadowscape Pro™?

As part of our expertise in grounds maintenance and gardening, we are accredited to install Meadowscape Pro™ here at Green Scenery. This is a soil-free wildflower growing medium, that

combines wildflower seeds with a number of essential ingredients for successful germination and strong plant growth. Perfect for creating stable wildflower meadows, this is a unique product that is compost based, inert, pH modified and low nutrient to provide the best possible blend for wildflower growth and success in the long term.

As accredited installers of Meadowscape Pro™, we can install this for home gardens, parks, hotels, retail and business developments and even schools, across the Lancashire area. This is the perfect choice for areas where instant plant coverage is not required, as well as low incline areas or areas where ground preparation is restricted.

Improve local biodiversity with Wildflower Turf or Meadowscape Pro™

Wildflower Turf is fantastic for local biodiversity and there are a range of mixes to choose from using a variety of British native species. Whether you need plants for shady areas, or you’d prefer a vibrant and colourful mix of plants, Wildflower Turf has the perfect solution. In addition, the flowers in each of the turf mixes have been carefully chosen to produce flowering plants from early in the spring through to the middle of the autumn. This means that you can enjoy your wildflower meadow for longer throughout the year. With professional installation from our team here at Green Scenery, the plants within your Wildflower Turf are sure to have the best possible start for healthy and strong development over time.

Meadowscape Pro™ is the perfect growing medium for all manner of wildflowers and using this will help to establish a wide variety of wildflower species with strong and healthy growth. As leading installers of Meadowscape Pro™, here at Green Scenery, you can count on us for maximum plant coverage, and well established diverse plants, for homes, businesses, schools, hotels and retail areas.

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Achieve long lasting results with Wildflower Turf or Meadowscape Pro™

Here at Green Scenery we can help make sure that you experience great results from either Wildflower Turf or Meadowscape Pro™, depending on your requirements.

Wildflower Turf is specifically designed to allow each plant to thrive, by preventing the flowering plants from being overwhelmed by grasses. So for a striking wildflower meadow for years to come, Wildflower Turf is the option to count on!

Meadowscape Pro™ uses a unique blend to encourage fast germination of wildflower seeds, allowing these to grow strong and healthy, and get a head start over any other grass or weeds. With increased water retention and percolation, the growing medium is more stable, providing improved seed germination when compared to standard wildflower seeding options. Give your wildflower meadow the best possible start with Meadowscape Pro™, installed by the professionals.

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For professional installation of Wildflower Turf or Meadowscape Pro™ we are the team you can count on here at Green Scenery.

With our vast experience in the gardening and grounds maintenance industry, we have the expertise and skills to deliver a high quality installation of either Wildflower Turf or Meadowscape Pro™ for a range of properties including schools, hotels, retail and business premises, as well as homes. For more information why not get in touch today?

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