Advantages of wildflower turf for urban areas

Wildflower turf is a popular option for public spaces, roadside verges and public or private grounds and gardens. But what are the advantages of wildflower turf for urban areas in particular?

What are the advantages of wildflower turf for urban areas?

Wildflower turf can make a huge difference to any space where this is installed, both visually and environmentally, but what are the benefits? Well there are several, including:

  • Improving the biodiversity 
  • Increasing habitat space
  • Increasing visual appeal
  • Improving air quality 
  • Reducing urban heat and water issues

Improve biodiversity with urban wildflower turf 

In many urban areas there are few and limited pockets of green space, and much if this is simply grass. This means that the biodiversity in the area is incredibly poor, with just a few species of grass that provide only a limited food source and limited shelter. Wildflower turf on the other hand can provide a diverse range of flowers and plants, Improving local biodiversity and attracting a wider range of pollinators and insects, that will in turn bring more birds and wildlife. 

Create habitat space 

It’s not just an increase of food source for wildlife that wildflower turf can provide, as this also creates new habitat space. Typically wildflower turf provides increased shelter when compared with standard grass, and can be home to a range of birds or insects. For urban spaces this habitat can be essential for supporting life in an otherwise tough environment for wildlife.

Boost visual appeal

For any commercial, domestic or public space, installing wildflower turf in an urban area can dramatically increase the visual appeal of the area. Not only do the flowers and blooms add colour from early spring to late autumn, but these can also be spaces of calm and tranquility. Wildflower turf in urban areas can provide a space for people to enjoy the outdoors from their office or during their commute. This in turn will boost wellbeing and even mental health. Because of this, for commercial properties, wildflower turf can even help to boost footfall and custom.

Installing wildflower turf can help reduce urban heat and water issues 

The urban heat island effect refers to the fact that in urban areas the pavements and buildings absorb more heat from the sun and are generally a warmer temperature than surrounding areas. In the summer months this can make the heat very uncomfortable in these spaces. Wildflower turf can help to reduce the heat island effect by slightly cooling the air and surface temperature. 

Another issue associated with urban areas is surface flooding. Because of the amount of concrete and building rain water runoff, urban areas can see significant flooding during and after rainfall, with the excess rain water being unable to drain away. Wildflower turf in strategic places, such as close to the base of buildings can help to absorb rain water runoff and prevent this surface flooding.

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