Benefits of installing wildflower turf in the spring 

Wildflower turf is a popular and effective option for commercial properties as well as homeowners. This involves laying a ready-made turf that is soil free and is made up of hardy and strong wildflowers that will thrive in a variety of settings and soil types. These wildflowers will already have well established roots, and will be ready to transform any area of your garden or grounds. But what are the benefits of installing wildflower turf in the spring?

What are the benefits of installing wildflower turf in the spring?

Installing wildflower turf in the spring can bring a host of benefits to your outdoor space. The benefits of a spring installation include:

  • The perfect weather and environmental conditions
  • Improving the ecosystem and biodiversity
  • Adding colour and variance

Spring offers the perfect weather conditions for wildflower turf installation 

Spring is the ideal time to plant wildflower turf as the weather is starting to warm up and there’s plenty of rainfall to keep the soil moist. However, it’s still important to keep an eye on the weather and make sure that the wildflowers are getting enough water, just after installation. This will ensure that they will “bed in” fully, and grow to their full potential. 

In addition to the helpful rainfall, Spring also offers the perfect soil temperatures. During the spring months, the average soil temperature is ideal for seed germination and the weather is warm enough for the seeds to establish roots. When installing wildflower turf you may not be too concerned about seed growth, as the wildflowers will already be fairly well established, but for other wildflower options like Meadowscape Pro™, seed growth is an important consideration. 

Furthermore, Spring is the natural growing season for most wildflowers. As a result, wildflower turf or meadows planted in the spring will be better able to take advantage of seasonal changes and grow to their full potential. This can increase the future potential of your wildflower area, with more flowers producing healthy, viable seeds. 

Installing wildflower turf in the Spring can boost biodiversity

Another of the main benefits of installing wildflower turf in the spring is that wildflowers are an excellent option for attracting pollinators to your garden. This is because many species of wildflowers are rich in nectar, making them ideal for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators that are essential to the health of our ecosystems. Installing wildflower turf in the Spring will help to create a habitat for these important insects, promoting the health of our local ecosystems and supporting biodiversity for the year ahead. 

Adding colour with wildflower turf

Finally, wildflower turf provides a colourful and low-maintenance alternative to traditional lawns. As a result, when installing wildflower turf in the spring, you can transform a monochromatic green carpet into a versatile and bright space that makes use of different species of flowers that bloom in succession. This allows for a long-lasting and ever-changing display of colour and texture throughout the year. Installing wildflower turf in the Spring means that your outdoor space will be vibrant and visually stunning throughout the rest of the year. In addition, unlike traditional lawns, which need to be mowed and fertilized regularly, especially in the Spring, wildflower turf requires very little upkeep, making it an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy a beautiful garden without the hassle of maintenance.

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