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Benefits of wildflower turfing for office grounds

Keeping up with the maintenance for your office grounds is important for the best possible visual results all year round, helping to improve the curb appeal of your business and helping to draw in custom. However, this maintenance can be costly and time consuming. Wildflower turfing offers a highly effective, low maintenance alternative for your […]

How can wildflower turf increase biodiversity?

In recent years, the decline of biodiversity has become a pressing concern across the world, including within the UK. One of the most effective ways to improve biodiversity is to improve the habitat style and biodiversity within your own space. Wildflower turf can be highly effective for this, but how can wildflower turf increase biodiversity? […]

Benefits of installing wildflower turf in the spring 

Wildflower turf is a popular and effective option for commercial properties as well as homeowners. This involves laying a ready-made turf that is soil free and is made up of hardy and strong wildflowers that will thrive in a variety of settings and soil types. These wildflowers will already have well established roots, and will […]