Choose professional grounds maintenance for year round growth 

How can professional grounds maintenance increase your business success?

Professional grounds maintenance can be highly beneficial for keeping any outdoor space in great condition, both in terms of aesthetic and safety. But this shouldn’t be a one off activity that you undertake in spring or summer. Instead, regular maintenance is essential. But why should you choose professional grounds maintenance for year round growth?

How can professional grounds maintenance achieve year round growth?

Choosing a professional grounds maintenance team for your commercial or domestic grounds can be a great way to keep your grounds looking fantastic all year round. A professional team will take care of all seasonal tasks for both aesthetic and practical results. These seasonal tasks include:

  • Spring- as the season of renewal, a professional grounds maintenance team will begin by cleaning up your grounds. This will include removing any debris or dead vegetation that has accumulated over the winter. Once this is completed, the professionals will then focus on lawn care, including fertilisation and aeration to kick start the growing season. This will be paired with planting new flowers and shrubs so that these can be well established by the summer. Some pruning may also be carried out to prevent disease and promote new growth.
  • Summer- during the summer months, a professional grounds maintenance team will focus on maintaining the vibrancy and health of your plants. This will include establishing a watering system to help your plants thrive in the heat. A professional team will also carry out regular mowing, edging, and weeding to keep your lawns and garden beds looking tidy. 
  • Autumn- autumn is an essential time of the year for preparing your grounds for the winter months. During this time, a professional team will keep on top of leaf fall on both paths and grass, preventing slips, trips and falls and preventing your grass from rotting. Other aspects of lawn maintenance may also be undertaken, like over seeding, to repair any damage caused during the summer. In addition, this time of year can be a good time for plant bulbs that will bloom in spring.
  • Winter- in the winter, maintenance tasks often focus on ensuring that your grounds remain both safe and visually appealing despite the harsh weather. One very important aspect of this is snow and ice management, which is essential for keeping paths and walkways safe. Professionals will also continue to monitor and manage plant health, pruning to promote robust growth in the spring. Evergreen plants and winter-flowering shrubs will also be maintained to provide structure and color.

So why should you choose professional grounds maintenance for year round growth?

A professional team can bring a number of benefits to your outdoor space, all year round. These include:

  • Lawn care- expert lawn care is an important part of professional grounds maintenance, as the lawn is often the largest feature of your outdoor area, and with professional care, it can look fantastic all year round. As part of this you can count on  regular mowing, aeration, fertilisation, and pest control. A professional team can also diagnose and treat lawn diseases, ensuring that your lawn is lush and green all year round.
  • Tree and shrub care- professional grounds maintenance team have the knowledge and skills to take care of a wide range of trees and shrubs. As part of this, they will perform regular inspections to identify signs of disease or pest infestations. Pruning will be carried out skillfully to enhance the health and appearance of trees and shrubs, and to ensure safety by removing dead or hazardous branches.
  • Floral displays- finally, floral displays are an important feature of any commercial grounds space, bringing colour, light and beauty to your outdoor space, and changing with the seasons. A professional grounds maintenance team will plant the correct flowering plants and shrubs for your soil and environment for year round blooms.

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