Benefits of a wildflower area for commercial properties

Over recent years, wildflower seeding has become popular with both local councils and businesses. But what are the benefits of a wildflower area for commercial properties? And why should your business consider creating one?

So what are the benefits of a wildflower area for commercial properties?

There are a number of benefits and advantages of creating a wildflower area for a commercial property. These include:

  • Ecological benefits
  • Economic benefits 
  • Social benefits 

What are the ecological benefits of a wildflower area for commercial properties?

The ecological benefits of adding wildflower areas to existing grounds and lawns include:

  • Boosting biodiversity- one of the biggest benefits of wildflower areas are that these can significantly boost biodiversity. These flowers provide habitats for a variety of pollinators, including bees, butterflies, and other insects, which are essential for the pollination of crops and wild plants. The presence of these pollinators can enhance local ecosystems and contribute to greater biodiversity in urban and suburban areas.
  • Providing wildlife habitats- in addition to boosting biodiversity, these flowers also offer food and shelter for birds and other insects, creating a home and habitat that can be invaluable in urban areas. This can even become part of a wildflower corridor, providing habitat pockets across urban environments.
  • Soil health and water management- wildflowers have the unique benefit of being able to improve the structure of the soil due to the deep root systems. This can reduce erosion and provide natural water management that helps to mitigate flooding, reducing the strain on drainage systems. 

What are the economic benefits?

There are also economic benefits to creating a wildflower area. These include:

  • Cost efficiency- there are a number of reasons why establishing and maintaining traditional lawns can be costly, and these include the need for regular mowing, fertilisation, and pest control. In contrast, wildflower areas can be much more cost effective, as these require less frequent mowing and a minimal amount of chemical inputs. This leads to significant savings in maintenance costs over time.
  • Enhancing property value- Properties with attractive, well-maintained landscapes can see an increase in value, and this is what wildflower areas can provide. By adding to the visual appeal of commercial properties, wildflower areas can  make them more attractive to potential tenants or buyers and as such, increase rental or sale values.

What are the social benefits?

When it comes to planting a wildflower area you can also expect social advantages. The most notable of these is that a wildflower area can improve employee well being and productivity.

Many studies have shown that natural environments can significantly improve mental health and well-being, and by providing access to green spaces, including wildflower areas, you can help to alleviate your employees stress and improve their mood. This can increase overall job satisfaction among employees, and lead to higher productivity and lower absenteeism.

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