Advantages of professional winter maintenance services

Salt on sidewalk

Winter weather, including ice and snow, can present a unique challenge for properties across all industries, including commercial and residential spaces. From hotels to hospitals, snow and ice can make buildings inaccessible, if there is no preventative plan in place. Here at Green Scenery, we provide a range of winter maintenance services designed to keep access to your property clear and available all year round. So what are these professional winter maintenance services? And why should you hire a professional team?

What are winter maintenance services?

Here at Green Scenery we provide a full range of winter maintenance services for grounds and properties across Preston, Southport and the wider area. These services include:

  • Snow clearing- we will clear snow from all areas including 
  • Access roads
  • Delivery areas
  • Key pedestrian routes and pavements
  • Car parks
  • Pathways to and from car parks
  • Entrances and fire exits
  • Overnight gritting- we provide gritting services whenever they are needed, even overnight. In fact, we monitor the MET forecast so that we can ensure that your grounds are gritted as soon as, if not before, the temperature drops to 0°.
  • Grit supply- we supply grit salt, refill grit bins and even provide grit bins for our customers so that they have plenty of grit on hand should they need it.

What are the advantages of professional winter maintenance services?

There are a number of benefits and advantages to choosing professional winter maintenance services for your grounds and property. These advantages include:

  • Being cost effective
  • Being proactive
  • Preventing damage and reducing risks

Maintenance in winter is a cost effective solution

By hiring a professional and reliable team like us here at Green Scenery, you can be sure that access will remain for all areas of your grounds, all year round. This not only keeps your business functioning, but it also means that you don’t need to fork out on expensive specialist equipment, just for weather problems that occur for a few months of the year. We also have the training and expertise to use this equipment effectively.

Be proactive with winter maintenance

Finding your commercial property inaccessible due to snow or ice on the roads, car park or footpath is not only disruptive but it could be costly for your company too. With professional winter maintenance services you can be sure that your company is covered in the event of snow or ice, with full gritting services preventing snow from bonding to the road to start with, and professional snow clearance for areas where this may be needed. Taking preventive measures is always more effective than resolving a snow or ice problem, and that’s what we can offer here at Green Scenery.

It’s not just businesses that can be negatively affected either, which is why we also provide high quality winter maintenance for schools, local authorities, and hospitals. 

Prevent damage and reduce risks with maintenance in winter

Snow and ice around your property presents the clear risk of slips, trips and falls. If your property is a workplace, any ice-related accidents on your premises can be legally challenged under the Health and Safety at Work Act. This means that preventing such issues is important not only for maintaining safety for you and others, but also for protecting your company too.

In addition, snow and ice is also a problem for your grounds themselves. For example, ice can damage road surfaces and create potholes. This occurs when groundwater has entered the surface of the road or pavement, which will then freeze in the winter weather. As this water freezes it takes up more space, causing the pavement or road surface to bend and crack. Over time, as this freeze thaw process continues, the pavement or road will weaken creating a pothole. Professional winter maintenance can help to prevent this damage, by preventing the freeze thaw process altogether. 

For more information about our professional winter maintenance services, get in touch with the team today, here at Green Scenery.