Benefits of well maintained commercial grounds for employees 

Benefits of well maintained commercial grounds for employees 

The many benefits of professional grounds maintenance for commercial properties include increasing business reputation and setting a fear impression for your customers or clients. But have you considered the advantages for your employees. There are in fact a number of benefits of well maintained commercial grounds for employees. But what are these benefits? And how can you be sure to maximise the results?

What are the benefits of well maintained commercial grounds for employees?

There are a number of benefits to keeping your commercial grounds well maintained and well presented, and these benefits stretch to your employees as well. The advantages for your employees include:

  • Improving mental wellbeing 
  • Encouraging a healthier lifestyle
  • Space for meetings and communication
  • Improving employee morale and job satisfaction 

Well maintained commercial grounds can boost employees mental well being 

Mental wellbeing is becoming an increasingly important consideration for businesses and society in general. But did you know that well maintained commercial grounds can be incredibly beneficial for the mental well-being of employees. This is because a well maintained external environment, rich in life and plants, can create a space that reduces stress, and instead promotes relaxation. In fact, research has consistently shown that exposure to nature can lead to lower levels of anxiety and improved mood. As a result, a pleasant walk through the grounds during breaks can give your employees a chance to relax and recharge, allowing them to return to their tasks with a clearer mind and less stress. In the long term, this care for mental wellbeing can reduce long term employee illnesses and absenteeism, while also improving the working environment.

Well maintained commercial properties can encourage a healthier lifestyle for employees 

In addition to improving mental wellbeing, well maintained commercial grounds can also benefit employees physical health. This is because with a well-kept outdoor space employees are more likely to engage in walking, jogging, or simply taking a leisurely stroll during breaks, especially when there are inviting paths and green spaces available. This increased physical activity not only promotes better physical health but can also contribute to increased focus and productivity in the second half of the working day.

Physical health can also be improved for employees who choose to sit and enjoy the peace of the grounds, as exposure to natural light can regulate circadian rhythms, improve sleep quality, and enhance overall well-being.

Outstanding commercial grounds can be useful for meetings and collaborative spaces

It’s not just aesthetic and leisure benefits that can be enjoyed by keeping your commercial grounds maintenance up to standard, as this can also prove to be useful and functional. In fact,  well-maintained commercial grounds can be used effectively for informal interactions, brainstorming sessions, and even team-building activities. By making use of outdoor seating areas or designated meeting spaces surrounded by nature, you can create the perfect environment for  employees to connect and exchange ideas. This can facilitate a more relaxed and open atmosphere, encouraging creative thinking and fostering stronger interpersonal relationships among colleagues.

Improving employee morale and job satisfaction 

Aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments can also have a positive impact on how employees perceive their workplace, and their job satisfaction. Both of these help to increase employee morale and improve workplace productivity.

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