Benefits of year round professional garden maintenance

Any garden can look fantastic all year round, if this is well taken care of and maintained. That’s why we provide year round professional garden maintenance here at Green Scenery. But what does this involve? And what are the benefits of this type of service?

What does regular garden maintenance involve?

Hiring a professional team to maintain and look after your garden all year round can be a great option as this will take care of all tricky tasks like caring for the lawn, the borders and the hedges, as well as any bushes or trees that may need to be pruned. This will also cover a host of other garden maintenance tasks too, like weeding and leaf removal. Here at Green Scenery we provide fortnightly garden maintenance from march until November, and then visit every month in winter to keep your garden ticking over.

What are the benefits of year round professional garden maintenance?

There are a number of reasons why you should opt for a professional team to take care of your garden or grounds year round, whether it’s a domestic garden or a commercial space. These reasons include:

  •  Well informed plant care
  •  Hedge and shrub support
  •  Exceptional results

Garden maintenance provides informed plant care

Every type of garden plant has specific and differing requirements to thrive and grow. And different plants may be seasonal, or require support all year round. But to keep these plants looking healthy and to ensure that they are receiving what they need, when they need it, you need well informed plant care. This is what a professional team like ours here at Green Scenery can offer. When you choose a professional team you can be sure that your plants, as well as your lawn and hedges will be well cared for. A professional team will know when to add herbicide, when to trim and when to turn the soil for not just the best visual results, but also the extended health of your garden plants too. This can help keep your garden not only looking great all year round, but also growing and blooming well too.

Hedge and shrub support can be part of year round professional garden maintenance

Hedges and shrubs can be a fantastic addition to any garden space, bringing privacy, shade and a habitat for birds and wildlife. From planting hedgerows to divide your space, to trimming and caring for these all year round, a professional team like ours here at Green Scenery can provide the important care and touches needed for your hedges to really flourish. This can make a big visual impact on your garden, while also maintaining privacy. We can also repair any weather damage that may occur between our visits too.

Year round professional garden maintenance can result in exceptional results

One of the biggest benefits of year round professional garden maintenance is the exceptional results. For many people a garden is a space of tranquil relaxation, or fun family time, that can improve quality of life and even mental wellbeing too. But to keep a garden looking great all year round, and to ensure that the plants are growing and thriving, will involve a big commitment in terms of time and energy and this is not something that everyone can provide. A professional garden maintenance team like us here at Green Scenery can provide exceptional garden results so that you can enjoy your garden space, without the hassle.

For more information or advice about our garden maintenance services, and how we can help with your garden, why not get in touch with the team today, here at Green Scenery?