Important commercial grounds maintenance tasks for summer

The summer weather might be enjoyable, but for gardens and grounds, there can be some important maintenance tasks to undertake, to keep the plants and grass in great health. The warmer temperatures and longer days tend to bring abundant growth, and keeping this under control can be important. So what are the important commercial grounds maintenance tasks for summer? And how can you be sure to keep the grounds of your commercial property looking great?

So what are the most important commercial grounds maintenance tasks for summer?

There are a number of important maintenance tasks that must be undertaken in the summer months, to keep the grounds of your commercial property looking smart, and to give a positive impression, while also keeping your property safe for staff and customers/clients. These grounds maintenance tasks include:

Lawn Care:

Maintaining lush, healthy lawns should be a top priority during the summer months. Regular mowing is essential to prevent overgrowth and ensure a neat appearance. The cutting height may need to be adjusted to avoid cutting the grass too short, which can lead to stress and browning. Additionally, the edges will need to be trimmed and the weeds removed to neaten up the appearance and to keep the grass healthy. A professional team like ours here at Green Scenery can take care of this, ensuring a high quality visual result and a healthy, vibrant lawn.


With drier weather and increased evaporation rates, adequate watering becomes more important in the summer months. As a result, watering schedules will need to be adjusted to meet the specific needs of different areas, to help avoid overwatering while preventing drought stress.

Flowerbed maintenance for commercial grounds in summer:

Flowerbeds can be a big visual feature for commercial grounds, adding color and vibrancy to the property. In summer, dead flowers will need to be removed regularly to encourage new growth and prolong blooming. Weeding flowerbeds is also important for preventing unwanted competition for nutrients and ensuring the health and vitality of the plants. At this time of year a layer of mulch can be applied to conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and maintain a more even soil temperature.

Tree and Shrub Care:

Summer pruning, mulching and watering for trees and shrubs is essential for prolonged growth and health. At this time of year a professional team can prune overgrown branches to maintain shape, enhance growth, and ensure safety. Mulching around the base of trees and shrubs is also a good option at this time of year as this helps to retain moisture, suppress weed growth, and insulate the roots from temperature fluctuations. You should also consider additional watering during prolonged dry spells to support the establishment of newly planted specimens.

Pathways and Paving:

In the summer months it is important to clean and sweep pathways and paved areas regularly to remove debris, leaves, and other organic matter. This is because this can cause an unsafe surface for clients/customers and staff, and it can also look unsightly. Pressure washing or treating with appropriate cleaners can help to remove stains, moss, and algae, enhancing the safety and aesthetics of these areas. This would also be a good time to repair any cracks or uneven surfaces to prevent accidents and maintain a smooth, level walkway.

For high quality commercial grounds maintenance you can count on, get in touch with the experts today, here at Green Scenery. We are leading garden and grounds maintenance experts for both commercial and residential properties.