Why is winter a great time to plant trees?

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Winter might not seem like the ideal time to plant anything, especially with the cold temperatures, wet weather, and frost, snow and ice. However, for trees in the UK, winter planting can be the perfect option. But why is winter a great time to plant trees? And why should your company or business consider planting trees this winter? 

So why is winter a great time to plant trees?

Winter is a fantastic time of the year to plant trees in the UK for a number of different reasons, including:

  • Taking advantage of the dormancy period
  • Rain and snow
  • Gentle acclimatisation

Taking advantage of the dormancy period

During the dormant period, plants like trees slow their growth and activity, and instead focus on establishing their root networks, instead of expending energy above the ground. This allows plants to take in more nutrients in the spring, promoting further above ground growth. As a result, winter is the perfect time to plant trees in your commercial gardens or grounds. The roots will have the chance to establish themselves in the new soil, providing a strong foundation for future growth. 

Winter dormancy is also experienced by pests and diseases, including insects and pathogens that can have a detrimental impact on new and young trees. As a result, your new trees will be able to become established, without the risks associated with pests and disease. This can significantly improve the chances of survival and growth in the crucial early stages of a tree’s life.

Rain and snow

The winter weather might not seem ideal for plants and growth, but the increased rain and even snow in the winter months can be very beneficial for young trees that are newly planted. This is because the additional moisture helps to soften the soil, allowing the young roots to grow without facing as much resistance. In addition, the moisture helps bring oxygen to the soil, which is essential for healthy plant roots and can prevent rot and fungus. Young trees are also big “drinkers” and so the increased rain also helps to provide important nutrition to your new trees.

Gentle acclimatisation 

In addition, planting trees in winter also helps to allow the young trees to become acclimatised to the weather and conditions. The winter weather allows the trees to become established before the warmer spring and summer temperatures, which means that it can adapt steadily to the local environment. This means that your new trees will be more robust and be better equipped to survive in the long term.

How can winter tree planting benefit your company or business grounds?

There are a number of benefits associated with planting the correct type of trees on your commercial grounds and gardens. These benefits include:

  • Improving air quality- Trees in your gardens and grounds can have a big impact on the quality of air around your property. This is because they can absorb pollution and release oxygen. In an urban area, this can be very beneficial for your staff and customers/clients at your premises.  
  • Adding visual appeal- Trees can help to add visual appeal to the grounds of your property and can add a visual feature for the whole year round. This can improve the curb appeal of your business and help your company stand out. 

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